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The Life Focus Retreat is the jewel of the crown at Thistledown and is ideal for:

  • The executive who wants to ‘sharpen the saw’; or
  • Couples wishing to profoundly deepen their relationship; or
  • The parent(s) and adolescent son or daughter (15 to 25) wishing to enrich their relationship.

The Life Focus Retreat is like the Scottish Thistle logo of Thistledown Country Retreat – Here you can rest in the down while surrounded by the thistles of the outside world!

What others say about the Life Focus Retreat

A Corporate Manager…
‘John was like my ‘Dalai Lama’ – such wisdom and understanding – I am not saying that I have got over everything – or even understood all of it – but 90% stuck in – I really feel that because I was at the stage of a lot of self analysis, and I looked deeply into why I was like I was, John gave me the tools to help solve the issues. I have had some people telling me to go to someone but it is hard to know who, where. ……….I had phoned help lines and looked up on the internet, but nothing compared to last weekend.’

A Mother who attended with her Adolescent Daughter…
‘It has been 3 months since my teenage daughter and I attended the ‘Life Focus Weekend’ and I would like to thank you and tell you that we are both so grateful for the changes in our relationship that we have had since. ……The weekend had a perfect balance of ‘work shopping’ and time alone to talk or digest the information by ourselves. …… I realised that I was not losing my little girl but gaining a beautiful young lady who has so many wonderful qualities. …………I recommend the ‘Life Focus Weekend Retreat’ to any parent of teenagers who want to improve their relationship. I can never thank you both enough for what we have. I would not hesitate in attending again with my other daughter or sons if we had difficulties’.

Parents of a Young Man in His Twenties who had ‘Dropped Out’…
Hi John, I just thought I’d let you know how our son is going. He is doing Tertiary Prep Course at Southbank TAFE this year, planning to go to University next year. He has met a girl who is a Christian and goes to our church. They are engaged and will marry in November. The seeds sown have come to bear fruit, as you said, more than we could imagine. Thank you and Micheline for your help and input into our son’s life. It’s truly miraculous how quickly his life has turned around.

A Father who attended with his Adolescent Son…
‘The Weekend was one of the best things that I have ever done with my son. When I look back I am in awe of how much wisdom is packed into a single weekend – from relationship psychology to spirituality. It is a rollercoaster of great life lessons – that I am sure my son (and myself) will slowly appreciate the value of. Most of all it facilitated some special times and talks that we had together. Trust your heart and sign up for this weekend.’

A Teenage Daughter…
‘The story about the bear was so helpful. I really enjoyed reading it with mum and I feel like the whole weekend has helped repair our relationship. I feel like I understand my mum more now and also why she gets mad or frustrated with me. You have shown me so much and I am really grateful for that. I realise that sometimes mum says no because she loves me and not the other way around. I know that she wants me to be safe and that she cares about me.
Everything at home is so much better now. I can talk to mum without arguing and sometimes when I am mad I don’t say what I feel like saying straight away and I am always glad that I didn’t. I wait until I am not so mad and then I talk to mum and we don’t end up fighting. I feel like I have grown up a lot and mum treats me more like an adult and not a little kid. Thank you both for helping me to repair my relationship with mum.’