About Us
John & MichelineJohn and Micheline began their married life overseas on an Army exchange with the British Gurkhas. This was a formative time where they had the opportunity to wine and dine in St James’ Palace, the Tower of London, and an Officers Mess that reflected the Raj of a bygone era.

This combined with Micheline’s Scottish, Polish and French heritage and John’s Yorkshire and Danish background made for a rich cultural foundation. And that is why guests at Thistledown Country Retreat will find a particular richness in the Federation theme of the Homestead and Cottage.

John and Micheline have focused on the Scottish heritage as a theme for Thistledown Country Retreat. However, at the same time, guests will enjoy cuisine that John and Micheline have been exposed to, from a Gurkha curry lunch to a Beef Wellington at a formal candlelit dinner.

For their work in Life Coaching, John and Micheline bring a rich tapestry of life experience and world travel. They have lived and been influenced by cultures from the Himalaya’s to the jungles of Papua New Guinea, from UK to Cyprus, from Greece to the North-West Frontier, and from France to Malaysia. Clients have appreciated the unique breadth and depth of their experience.